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Now you get free road hazard coverage when you buy a wheel and tire package that includes Ironman tires! Losing a new tire to a nail or pothole can now be a thing of the past.
OE Wheels has just rolled out a new line of Flow Formed wheels. Read about how the Flow Formed process creates wheels that are stronger, lighter and more precise than conventional cast wheels.
OE Wheels is proud to announce the arrival of two great new GTI style replica wheels for many Volkswagen models.
With many people getting a tax return soon, now is the perfect time to put a new set of wheels on your ride. Read about our most popular and newest wheels and make tax time wheel time!
OE Wheels will be donating $5 from every lug nut purchase to Children's Miracle Network this Christmas and holiday season.
If customers leave reviews for other customers it helps them decide  on the look and type of wheel that's best for their car, truck or SUV. When you submit a review with a photo of your wheels you'll be entered into our monthly Review Contest and have a shot at a $100 cash prize!
OE Wheels is proud to introduce our brand new Midnight Black Chrome finish. See what makes it unique and take our quick 1-minute survey to let us know how you like it compared to other black finishes.
OE Wheels recently launched a brand new line of custom aftermarket wheels for trucks and SUVs. Read the press release introducing the 4Play Wheels brand, and see some examples of how great these new wheels look!
The Snowbird Nationals at Bradenton Motorsports Park was an action packed 3 day event full of Jet Engine Powered Dragsters, Semi Trucks and thousands of racing fans. OE Wheels is a proud sponsor of Floridian Kat Moller and the Matrix System Jet Dragster she drives for the Larsen Motorsports Racing Team. Find out more and see a great pic of this amazing dragster!
OE Wheels is working with LS1Tech again, this time on an overhaul of an old workhorse Chevy S10 ultimately headed for the track. Read about the background leading up to the project and the updates moving forward, with links to all the applicable LS1Tech articles.
A $25 million auto accessories company has prospered through Internet auction sales. Now its owner hopes the business has more prosperous times left in the tank. Read the article from the Gulf Coast Business Review.
Car & Driver magazine recently featured a pictorial of the hottest privately owned Camaros at the Sixth-Generation Detroit Reveal, and one of the featured vehicles was sporting some beauties manufactured by OE Wheels!