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“Easy process & great product. This is my second time buying from OE Wheels. I was highly satisfied after the first purchase.”
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“OEWHEELS was one of the few places that had the exact part number I needed and the price was reasonable.”
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“Great product and very fast delivery. I would recommend OE Wheels to anyone looking to replace a set of factory rims.”
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“The Girlfriend hit a pothole with my 300, and bent one of the rims I had purchased from OE a few months ago... I immediately came on the website and did a search found the wheel from a previous order # and ordered my replacement.”
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“Nice wheel, great price, fast shipping my car looks great.”
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Charlie - 7/16/2018
“It was a wonderful experience. I ordered the 22" GMC Satin Black Sierra Replicas, 22x9. I first saw the wheels I ordered a few months back while taking a cruise. I wanted to order some nice wheels for my truck, as I just got done lowering it. I took my time and examined many options on their site, and came to the conclusion that those wheels were the best option. Overall, I would give them a big thumbs up. The free shipping is cool too.”
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“I am very pleased with the price, quality and looks of these rims. Made my Altima look like a totally different car. Thanks!”
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“Very easy to chose wheels, called customer service and the help was perfect.”
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“Great website, glad I found them. Was able to afford reasonably priced OE ZL1 wheels for a 5th gen Camaro that I've had my eyes on for a while.”
Jeremy - 5/21/2017
“My rims look great, decided on gunmetal grey c7 z06s. Love the fitment ... they look great.”
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“I have purchased 4 sets of wheels in the past from OE Wheels. The quality is superb as is the price.”
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“I couldn't find any single wheel that matched what i had on my corvette after finding out that wheel had corrosion. So I found this website and got a set for just a little more than a SINGLE wheel. How can you beat that? Also the fact that they know most corvettes Including mine have staggered stances is great or I probably wouldn't have found what I ordered. Bravo o.e. Wheels bravo.”
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gabymustang - 11/29/2016
“I ordered 2 wider rear wheels to match my factory fronts, and they were perfect. Fit and finish are excellent and the price can't be more reasonable. They also balanced very well when I got the tires mounted. They also arrived sooner than I expected. They look great on my truck ,and I couldn't be more satisfied. Thank you very much.”
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Alan F. - 8/17/2016
“Second purchase from OE wheels. Bought two rims a month ago and just bought two more. Shipping was fast and they arrived in good condition. Had a question for OE and they answered quickly and was satisfied with reply.”
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Mr. Hines - 7/2/2016