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Now you get free road hazard coverage when you buy a wheel and tire package that includes Ironman tires! Losing a new tire to a nail or pothole can now be a thing of the past.

OE Wheels has just rolled out a new line of Flow Formed or Forged wheels. Read about how the Flow Formed - Forged Wheel process creates wheels that are stronger, lighter and more precise than conventional cast wheels.

OE Wheels is proud to announce the arrival of two great new GTI style replica wheels for many Volkswagen models.

Built using a next generation wear-resistant compound and featuring an advanced pressure distribution concept may sound like the description of an indestructible armored suite. But it describes the science behind the new Ironman iMove Gen2 AS tire from Hercules tire.  We have teamed up with Hercules to bring this next generation tire to our alloy wheels for domestic performance vehicles.