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If you’re in the Sarasota/Bradenton area for any reason on February 4th, look for OE Wheels at Florida TruckFest. It’s being billed as the Southeastern truck and Jeep lifestyle event of the year!

The Snowbird Nationals at Bradenton Motorsports Park was an action packed 3 day event full of Jet Engine Powered Dragsters, Semi Trucks and thousands of racing fans. OE Wheels is a proud sponsor of Floridian Kat Moller and the Matrix System Jet Dragster she drives for the Larsen Motorsports Racing Team. Find out more and see a great pic of this amazing dragster!

OE Wheels is working with LS1Tech again, this time on an overhaul of an old workhorse Chevy S10 ultimately headed for the track. Read about the background leading up to the project and the updates moving forward, with links to all the applicable LS1Tech articles.