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Ride in Style with Anthracite Wheels

For nearly 20 years, OE Wheels has been the go-to place for buying wheel and tire packages online. We consider ourselves experts, and we love to share that expertise with our customers so they can get the perfect ride. And in our expert opinion, our anthracite finish is one of the absolute best finishes on the market. We're excited to offer anthracite wheel/tire packages so you can see this incredible finish for yourself.

FAQs for Anthracite Rim and Tire Packages

While you're probably in love with the anthracite wheels, you might have some questions. OE Wheels has the answers. We're always happy to help our customers find exactly what they need!

How Do You Achieve Your Anthracite Finish?

The anthracite finish on our wheels is achieved through several different phases. The finishing process starts with an anthracite powder coat. Then, we follow it up with two layers of clear coat, not a one-stage enamel. This is the correct way to finish a wheel, giving it that superior sheen.

What Mustangs Are These Anthracite Wheel/Tire Packages Designed to Fit?

We have products made to fit various types of 1979-1993 and 1994-2004 Mustangs, including some that fit Cobra models and others that are Bullitt replicas. However, there are some stipulations depending on the item. For specific information on which models a particular anthracite wheel and tire package will fit, simply click the product you're interested in and read the description.

Do These Anthracite Rim and Tire Packages Fit Other Makes and Models?

The anthracite wheel and tire packages on this page are specifically made to fit Ford Mustangs. However, we offer plenty of products to fit other makes and models! Try our easy-to-use search functions, or contact us to see what we have available for you.

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