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20 inch Rim Fits Dodge Charger Wheel DG19 20x8 Black OEM
Single DG19 OEM Wheel - Dodge Challenger Rim for Sale

UPC 9510232   AQ- 51

20 inch Rim Fits Dodge Charger Wheel DG14 20x8 Polished OEM
Single DG14 OEM Wheel - Dodge Challenger Rim for Sale

UPC 9508524

20" Fits Jeep Grand Cherokee Rim JP19 20x8 Black OEM Jeep Wheel
Fits JP19 OEM Wheel - Jeep Grand Cherokee Rim for Sale

UPC 9508660

20" OEM Wheel Fits Acadia CV42 20x8 PVD Chrome Chevy Truck Rim
Fits CV42 OEM Wheel - GMC Acadia Truck Rim for Sale

UPC 9507407   AQ- 2

19 inch OEM Rim Fits Nissan Altima Style NS27 19x8 Granite Crystal Wheel
Single NS27 OEM Wheel - Nissan Altima Rim for Sale

UPC 9509813   AQ- 39

20" Fits Chrysler 300 SRT Rim - CL07 20x9 Polished OEM Chrysler 300 Wheel
Single CL07 OEM Wheel - Chrysler 300 Rim for Sale

UPC 9508522

Satin Black Forged OEM Wheels fit Dodge Charger-Challenger (Scat Pack style) 20x9
Single DG16 OEM Wheel for Dodge Charger-Challenger

UPC 9508525

Silver OEM Wheels Fits Hyundai Sonata 16x6.5
Single Replica Wheel for Hyundai Sonata

UPC 9508140   AQ- 3

Gunmetal Machined OEM Wheels fit Hyundai Elantra 17x7
Single Replica Wheel for Hyundai Elantra

UPC 9508139

Gunmetal Forged OEM Wheels fit Dodge Durango SRT 20x10
Single JP17 Forged OEM Wheel for Dodge Durango SRT

UPC 9510306

20" OEM Fits Dodge Charger Challenger DG17 20x8 Hyper Silver
Single DG17 OEM Wheel Dodge Charger Challenger Rim for Sale

UPC 9509784

Satin Black Forged OEM Wheels fit Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT 20x10
Single JP16 Forged OEM Wheel for Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT

UPC 9510307

Painted Inlay Polished Forged OEM Wheels fit Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT 20x10
Single JP25 Forged OEM Wheel for Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT

UPC 9510308

The OE Wheel Difference

OE Wheels offers customers rims for sale for every application imaginable. Explore our superior collection of chrome, black, gunmetal, bronze and many other types of rims for sale now. We also guarantee that our pricing is among the most competitive in the industry. Shop online today or speak with our experienced and knowledgeable customer service team who can help you find exactly what you are looking for 866-273-3651.

A Selection You Can Count On

When you’re looking for rims for sale, you should be able to choose from a large selection of show-stopping options. We can help you get the exact, custom look you’re aiming for with your vehicle. Whether you want to stand out from the crowd or opt for a more sleek but simple appearance, we have you covered. We carry a diverse selection of products to ensure our customers have rims that suit their specific ride. OE Wheels offers rims for sale to tackle any terrain you’re navigating. Regardless if you're a daily driver and mostly use your vehicle to go to and from work, or you’re an off-roading expert, we guarantee that you’ll find the look you want with our products. We’re proud to offer only the top-quality rims for sale in the industry. You can count on our selection to be durable, strong and great looking.

An Industry Leader

OE Wheels officially formed in 2000, originally specializing in new and refurbished Original Equipment Manufactured wheels. Continuing to provide superior quality and affordable products to their customers, OE Wheels expanded and eventually entered into the Replica wheels and aftermarket wheels, as well. OE Wheels now occupies 77,350 square feet of warehouse and office space located in Southwest Florida. We’re also proud to have amassed a vast distribution network that allows us to serve our customers efficiently and quickly. With nearly 20 years in business and a combined total of 270 years of experience, the staff of experts at OE Wheels can provide customers exactly what they’re looking for when it comes to rims and wheels.