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17" Defiant Wheel fits Jeep Wrangler - DF02 Satin Black 17x8.5 w/33X12.50R17/12 Nexen Roadian MTX Tires and TPMS Set of 5

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DISCLAIMER: This wheel is not affiliated with FCA US LLC in any way or form. The terms "Chrysler", "Jeep", "Dodge" and "RAM" are used for fitment and descriptive purposes only. O. E. Wheel Distributors, LLC states that our use of FCA US LLC trademarked terms in our product descriptions constitute fair use and nominative use and is in no way to offer confusion that O. E. Wheel Distributor's products and FCA US LLC products are related or their companies.


Fitment is not guaranteed for vehicles equipped with upgraded or modified brakes, suspension or drive train.

These DF02 defiant wheels are 17x8.5 satin black rims designed to fit the Jeep Wrangler and other compatible vehicles. Please check our fitment tab for specific year-make-model applications and will-not-fit exceptions before ordering.

Presenting the Nexen Roadian MTX: An All-Season Mud Terrain Tire for Light Trucks. Crafted to excel in all weather conditions, the Nexen Roadian MTX is designed to elevate road grip and traction. Engineered with specialized tread elements, this tire boasts remarkable performance on dry, wet, and winter surfaces alike. Its tread pattern ensures a steadfast connection with the road across various terrains, guaranteeing a secure driving experience regardless of weather conditions. Deep grooves effectively disperse water and slush to thwart hydroplaning, and staggered tread blocks prevent snow from accumulating, maintaining a consistent road grip. These features combine to enhance both hydroplaning resistance and all-season traction, elevating year-round driving safety. The tread design incorporates open shoulders, generously-sized staggered tread blocks, and deep grooves, working harmoniously to enhance traction on soft and loose terrains. The upper sidewall design excels in mud and gravel, providing unwavering grip and stability. Additionally, tread blocks and stone ejectors collaborate to preserve a clean footprint by eliminating mud and expelling lodged rocks. This heightened traction and off-road performance culminate in a confident and secure driving experience. Built with a robust construction, the Roadian MTX exhibits increased load durability and enhanced resistance to damage. Its fortified casing and reinforced internal structure adeptly manage heavy loads, ensuring the tire retains its optimal form without distortion. This sturdier casing effectively wards off punctures and off-road damage, upholding the tire's integrity. By integrating these enhancements, the Roadian MTX delivers a safer performance throughout the year. Navigating with ease, the Roadian MTX features a center tread design comprising substantial tread blocks that sustain consistent road contact. This configuration enhances steering responsiveness, granting quick and precise reaction to driver inputs, while simultaneously bolstering the tire's stability against varying driving pressures. Consequently, the tire offers heightened controllability in all weather conditions and on challenging mud terrain. It's important to note that Mud Terrain tires are primarily designed for off-road usage and are not intended for regular highway driving.

All OE Wheels rims are TUV, JWL, VIA, SAE or DOT approved, and are guaranteed to be straight and true (refer to our warranty tab for more information). Like all quality defiant wheels, the DF01 should be washed with soap and water only (no harsh chemicals), and dried with a clean microfiber cloth.

Set of 4

Item IDSET-WTS-DF02-17085-5127-12B1-5-NX
Wheel Size17x8.5
Wheel Offset12
Bolt Pattern5-127
Hub Size71.5
Back Spacing5.22
Center CapsCenter cap included, Original center cap will interchange
Tire ProductNexen Roadian MTX
Speed RatingQ
Temperature RatingA
Traction RatingA
Tire Size33X12.50-17
Aspect Ratio33
Load Index124
Satin Black Wheel: The finish on this wheel is achieved through several different phases. The finishing process begins with the application of a black powder coat foundation. Two layers of non-gloss clear coat are then applied, providing a seamless satin appearance as well as offering excellent protection to the powder coat.
Standard Wheel Warranty - We guarantee this rim against all  manufacturer's defects for one full year. We also provide a lifetime structural warranty and a one year warranty on the finish, providing the wheel has been properly maintained. All OE Wheels are TUV, JWL, VIA, SAE or DOT approved and guaranteed to be straight and true.
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