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On Saturday, May 14, 2016, Chevrolet proudly displayed the brand new Sixth Generation Camaro at a reveal in the Motor City. As you would expect, hundreds of Camaro enthusiasts showed up for the event, many bringing their own dearly beloved Camaros for everyone to see.

Car & Driver took advantage of the opportunity and took photos of the hottest privately owned Camaros that were on display. One of the featured vehicles was a 2001 Camaro with a beautiful set of replicas from OEWheels.

These CV22s have a gunmetal finish, and received high praise from Car & Driver: "Previous-generation Corvette ZR1–lookalike mesh wheels on a fourth-generation Camaro is trickle-down performance we can get behind." Get a close-up look at the CV22 ZR1 style replica wheels here.

You can also see OE Wheels and the entire gallery of amazing Camaros at the Car & Driver website. If you would like to read more about the Sixth Generation Camaro, here's a great story about the Camaro Reveal by the Detroit Free Press.

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