Wheel Care Guide

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Follow these simple guidelines to help keep your wheels in great condition for as long as possible.

Prior to Installation

Applying a light coat of wax prior to installation will help protect your wheels and make them easier to clean in the future.

Day to Day Care

  1. The best way to take care of wheels without damaging their protective finish is by frequently washing them with a mild soap and water solution ONLY.
  2. Let your wheels cool before you clean them.
  3. When cleaning your entire vehicle, clean your wheels and tires first.
  4. Clean your wheels one at a time. This will help you avoid water spots and ensures that the soap and water won’t dry before you have a chance to rinse it off.
  5. Have separate sponges or rags to clean your wheels.  This will help you avoid scratching the paint of your vehicle with the brake dust and dirt from your wheels.
  6. Clean wheels on a regular basis.

Car Wash Alert

We are aware of the convenience of a drive thru car wash. But please remember that the industry's success is based on volume.  The more cars they are able to clean the more profitable the business.  As a result, MANY car washes use acid cleaners and/or stiff brushes to enable quick removal of dirt and wheel grime. Unfortunately, these 2 elements can easily destroy the finish on your wheels.

Another potential issue with the neighborhood car wash is the use of metal tracks to push your car. Again, they allow for cars to be cleaned quickly, but they may scratch your wheels beyond cosmetic repair.

We strongly suggest doing your research before choosing a car wash if this is a convenience you can't live without. Ask the manager or owner exactly what they use to clean wheels and tires, and if they warranty their process. Many car washes have disclaimers about “not being held responsible for damages caused by their facility.” It's always better in the long run if you wash you wheels by hand.

Do Not Use Wheel Cleaners, Brushes, Abrasive Pads, Polishing Compounds or Steam Cleaning.

Never use abrasive cleansers, steel wool pads, hard brushes or polishing compounds. Steam Cleaning will dull the paint and clear coat finish of your wheels.

Do NOT Clean Hot Wheels

Cleaning your wheels when they are still hot will cause your soap and water solution to dry too quickly. When this happens you can expect to have water spots on your wheels or an undesirable film of soap that not only looks bad, but makes future cleaning more difficult.

In the end, all it really takes is some common sense and some tender loving care to keep your wheels looking great!

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Waxing chrome wheels.


What wax do you recommend for your chrome plated aluminum wheels and how often should you wax them to protect the finish.

Waxing Chrome Wheels


There is a product called Wheel Wax. According to their website their product is formulated for protecting wheel surfaces. I haven't purchased any yet but I intend to very soon for my polished billet motorcycle wheels.