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Top 4 Things to Consider When Choosing New Truck Wheels

Gone are the days of buying a truck with stock wheels and using them until they fall off. With the increase in popularity of the aftermarket wheel world, you have tons of options to switch things up and upgrade your truck. Doing this will help you keep up with your daily activities and get the most out of your vehicle. Understand what to know before buying new truck wheels, ensuring you're getting the best fit for your needs and wants. 

Questions to Ask During the Wheel-Buying Process

Before you get into the specifics, ask yourself these questions to narrow down what wheel options are best for your truck:

  • What do you use your truck for? Will you be taking your truck through mud or plowing through the snow? Or maybe you're only using your truck for your commute or to show it off at car shows? This question will help you choose between appearance and function.

  • Do you value fuel efficiency or off-road handling? Larger, heavy-duty wheels are perfect for heading off-road and journeying through the harshest elements. On the other hand, bigger wheels have a reduced acceleration and fuel efficiency, meaning smaller wheels might offer more for those sticking to the pavement. 

  • What are your style preferences? You should also recognize that you have unique tastes, styles and preferences influencing your decisions. Wheels vary in color, styles, materials, finishes and more, allowing you to create a truck you can be proud of. You can choose to stand out and make a statement with bold colors and fresh wheel patterns. Or, you could select more subtle design elements, creating a custom truck that fits your needs.  

How to Find the Best Wheels to Fit Your Truck

Once you understand what you're using your truck for and how you want it to look, you're ready to start your search for the ideal wheels for your truck. While you may want to hop online and pick ones out immediately, there are many things to consider before making any purchases. 

Take a look at the following tips for buying the right wheels for your truck.

1. Remember the Relationship Between Your Wheels and Tires

When looking at what types and sizes of wheels you want, it's essential to consider the selection of tires that it opens you up to use. Your wheels and tires work together to give your truck the highest performance possible. It's important to note that tires and wheels are not the same, although they work together. With bigger wheels, you're likely to experience higher costs. These wheels can also handle bigger tires, resulting in more traction and easier handling and maneuverability on and off the road. 

Wheel size consists of two parts — diameter and width. Wheels are commonly found with 17-inch diameters but can extend up to 20, 22 and even 24 inches. Their width ranges from 6 to 14 inches. It's wise to use wheels with a diameter less than half the size of your tires and a width 2 to 3 inches narrower. Doing this will give you a beneficial sidewall height, offering a cushion to protect your suspension system, tires and wheels. 

Correctly sizing your wheels to tires will help prevent inaccurate speedometer readings. You will also benefit from reduced risks of blowouts and spinouts due to stiff sidewalls. 

2. Understand Your Wheel Fitment

While styles, finishes and materials will ultimately impact your decision based on looks, your wheel fitment will help ensure your wheels are compatible with your needs, tires and truck. The main characteristics of wheel fitment are diameter and width, along with offset, backspacing and bolt pattern:

  • Offset: This measurement is the distance of the mounting surface to the center of the wheel, usually recorded in millimeters. A negative, positive or zero offset will change how your truck looks and impact backspacing. 
  • Backspacing:Backspacing, on the other hand, is the distance from the mounting surface to the backside of the wheel, measured in inches. Correct backspacing will help maintain your steering, brake and suspension systems. 
  • Bolt patterns: Bolt pattern points to the number of bolt holes in a wheel. The most common bolt patterns include four-, five-, six- and eight-lug wheel bolt designs but vary the deeper you get into aftermarket options. 

Keep the year, make and model of your truck in mind here, too. When you're looking for tires online, enter this info before you start your search so you only see wheels that will fit your vehicle.

3. Find the Type you Want

Three major types of wheels dominate your aftermarket options — steel, cast aluminum and forged aluminum. These options range in how they're made, their strength, weight and capabilities. Let's take a closer look at what each of these offers: 

  • Steel: Steel wheels are strong wheel types available at a cost-effective price point. Thanks to their strength, steel wheels are likely to bend, as opposed to cracking, allowing you to quickly repair them with the help of a hammer. 
  • Cast aluminum: This is a common wheel type created by pouring molten aluminum into a mold that forms the desired wheel shape. These options are usually more affordable because manufacturing facilities can produce them quickly and efficiently. 
  • Forged aluminum: These wheels are a single, fully forged piece of aluminum formed under extreme pressure and cut into the desired wheel design. These wheels generally are lighter weight while offering the highest performance in durability, strength and load-carrying capabilities. 

4. Pay Attention to the Finish

Custom wheels come in various designs and finishes to help you achieve the look and performance you want. These finishes are the treatment of the surface of your wheels. Tough terrain is more likely to easily damage some finish types more than others, limiting how you can use them, while others are tougher and require less maintenance to stay in pristine condition. 

At OE Wheels, we offer an assortment of finishes for our wheels and sets for your truck, including: 

  • Anthracite
  • Black
  • Bronze 
  • Brushed
  • Chrome
  • Gunmetal 
  • Hyper
  • Machined
  • Polished
  • Silver

Let the Experts at OE Wheels Help You Pick the Right Tires for Your Truck

If you aren't sure how to start the wheel-buying process, you need a dedicated team behind you to help. At OE Wheels, we are committed to helping you customize your truck to fit your unique needs, equipping you with the information and resources to make the process as trouble-free as possible. We use cutting-edge technologies to bring innovative designs to life, thanks to our close relationships with industry-leading manufacturers. 

Since 2001, our experienced staff has informed customers of what they need to know before buying new truck wheels and given them access to our substantial base inventory of more than 80,000 wheels. You can count on our team to choose the right wheels for your truck as we strive to exceed expectations and give you the robust, durable, high-performance truck wheels you want. 

Shop With Us Online

Ready to find the ideal wheels for your custom truck today? Visit our catalog and search for the wheels that will take your truck's aesthetics and operation to the next level. If you have questions, get in touch with one of our experts today! 



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