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PVD chrome is a vacuum deposition process that has received increasing use in recent years and is no longer seen as a laboratory process. It has been scaled up to handle large application runs at an affordable cost. Many companies have realized benefits from converting their product from electroplating to PVD coating. Coatings can be deposited from room temperature to as high as 500 degrees Celsius depending on the substrate and the application.

The difference between PVD wheels made overseas and PVD wheels manufacturered in America comes down to two things: 1) Attention to detail. 2) Quality of the chemicals. U.S. PVD chrome plants monitor every step of this complex process, while overseas companies often rush critical steps along the way. In addition, U.S. based companies use quality chemicals that, although they cost a little more, ensure that the final product will not pit, peel or corrode, as often happens with PVD chrome wheels manufactured overseas.

The PVD process provides a more uniform deposit, improved adhesion (up to six times greater in some cases), a wider choice of materials to be deposited, and produces no harmful chemicals to dispose of. Due to the nature of the processing, some small air bubbles and/or fish eyes (called inclusions) may appear in the clear coat. These inclusions are normal, and are not considered to be a defect, nor do they effect the longevity of the PVD chrome finish.

Because PVD chrome is more environmentally friendly and the costs from chemical disposal are minimal, the cost of PVD wheels is often less than that of traditional electroplated chrome wheels. If your PVD chrome wheels are made in America, like all of the PVD wheels manufactured by OE Wheels, you can enjoy beautiful wheels at an affordable price!

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Great option


When done properly PVD chrome looks great!