20-inch Silver Clearance Wheels - 4 Products

20" Wheel fits Camaro ZL1 Silver Mach'd 20x8.5 Rim
Single CV16 Replica Wheel for Chevy Camaro

UPC 9469789   AQ- 7

20" Rim fits Dodge Charger Challenger SRT Style Silver Mach'd 20x9 Wheel
Single Dodge Challenger SRT Style Replica Wheels

UPC 6827797   AQ- 51

Silver Pocket Machined Face Rims, Ironman Tires & TPMS fit Camaro (ZL1 style) 20x8.5 SET
Set of 4 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Style Replica Wheels & Tires

UPC 9508031   AQ- 1

Silver Machined Rims fit Chevy Camaro 20x8.5 SET
Set of 4 CV16 Replica Wheels for Chevy Camaro

UPC 9471424   AQ- 1