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In the News
OE Wheels LLC as featured in GM High-Tech Performance in the November 2010 Issue
Cadillac CTS-V 6-Piston Brembo Brakes, Nitto Tires, And Wheel Upgrade - What's The Holdup? - Tech

Our STi Killer Gets A New Set Of Cadillac CTS-V 6-Piston Brembo Brakes, Some Track Ready Nitto Tires, And A Set Of Gorgeous Wheels That Don't Break The Bank

Because the CTS-V 6-piston caliper is so intensely humongous, not just any wheel would fit and finding the right one meant loading the STi Killer onto the trailer and towing it down to our friends at OE Wheels LLC, a company that stocks an insane amount of fantastic looking wheels. After test fitting about every wheel they make, including several deep-dish varieties, we finally found one that would more

"Like a crowning jewel, the 18x9.5 OE Wheels LLC C6 Z06 replica perfectly accents everything else in our wheelwell. Those massive brakes clear the spokes by a large enough margin and we have no issues with the wheel rubbing anywhere. If you don't prefer chrome, OE Wheels LLC offers a variety of finishes, so be sure to check them out."

OE Wheels LLC as featured on PR Web 8-30-10

OE Wheel Distributors Expands Beyond eBay

Jim Moore launched a new Web site for O.E. Wheel Distributors. The Sarasota-based company, which Moore founded, no longer relies totally on eBay for sales.

Jim Moore knew the lack of a diversified business stream was potentially toxic for his decade-old tire and wheel business.

In early 2009, however, the theoretical worry nearly morphed into more

OE Wheels LLC featured on the cover of GM High Tech Perfomance Magazine

Our wheels made the cover of this national magazine this year:
The featured wheel is an 18x10.5" C5 deep dish wheel with a machined face and black vents.

OE Wheels LLC as featured on PR Web 7-13-10
Four Wheels for the Price of One . . . From a Gulf Coast Business

Sarasota, Florida (PR Web) July 13, 2010, With the Gulf Coast as a home to OE Wheels LLC they are very close to the BP oil spill and strive to overcome the obstacles of the shipping delays. America's leading replica wheel manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor, OE Wheels LLC offers a tremendous savings on all of its wheels through their new website.

OE Wheels LLC is operated out of Sarasota Florida on the west coast which places them right on the Gulf of Mexico. This has provided OE Wheels LLC with a front row seat to the BP oil spill. The economic impact on tourism has been well reported, but the effects are widespread. Somewhat overlooked but also proving to be detrimental are the ... read more

OE Wheels LLC as featured in the Gulf Coast Business Review 8-28-09

'Little Monster'

A $25 million auto accessories company has prospered through Internet auction sales. Now its owner hopes the business has more prosperous times left in the tank.

Jim Moore grew his startup tire and wheel business over the last decade into a $26 million market leader by harnessing the power of the Internet. But get this: Moore's company, Sarasota-based O.E. Wheel Distributors, doesn't even have its own Web site. Instead, the company sells its products solely over ebay, the popular Internet auction site where entrepreneurial dreams are cyber-made.

While an EBay spokeswoman declined to say how large Moore's company is in comparison to the 10 million-plus other worldwide eBay sellers, she did say it's big enough to be one of the few sellers that has an entire... read more